National Caramel Corn Day

2012 National Caramel Corn Day Recap!

Do you want real answers on how to make caramel corn profits? Attend any of the remaining National Caramel Day celebrations held at select Gold Medal locations on April 26th, including the Cincinnati corporate location. Or, if you canít make the live demonstrations with our experts, watch the videos below for how to make and sell this profitable product. Gold Medal has helped countless businesses succeed since 1931. Imagine what we can do for you.

Morning Session:

During the morning session we heard from:

  • Rachel Gibson - JC's (Owner of Gold Medal Products Co.) Granddaughter read a welcome letter from the owner of Gold Medal Products Co.

  • Jim Labas - Sales at Weaver Popcorn spoke about the state of the popcorn industry, the different hybrids of popcorn, and Weaver's quality.

  • Pete Bakala & Jennifer Neely - Sales at Gold Medal Products Co. Chicago spoke about popcorn tins and gift ideas.
  • Chris Burns - Food Products Division Manager at Gold Medal Products spoke about government rules and regulations with regards to labeling.

  • Todd Sunderhaus - Flavor technician at Gold Medal Products speak about the many things you can do with Caramel Corn and answer questions from the audience.

Afternoon Session:

During the afternoon session we heard/saw did a lot of hands on demonstrations and cooking sessions that showed people the many things they can do with Caramel Corn. Below are just a few of the demonstrations that were done during the day. For some of these recipes and more you can find them at: Http://

Cinnamon & White Chocolate:

Chocolate Caramel Corn:

English Toffee Caramel Corn:

Cheese Corn:

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