why should I come to National Caramel Corn Day
or an in person demo?

as compiled by - Gold Medal Chicago
How do you make caramel corn and cheese corn?
  • By coming to National Caramel Corn Day at Gold Medal locations around the country you will learn how to make that "famous" caramel and cheese corn.
  • Private classes are available by appointment.
  • Gold Medal representatives are available at night or on weekends to answer all of your questions.
What size equipment do I need?
  • Gold Medal makes a wide range of equipment to fit almost any need. Only after extensive study of your location and development of a coherent business plan will we recommend a
How long will it take to get my equipment?
  • All Gold Medal locations keep some equipment in stock. You can have it the next day, if we have your particular equipment in stock. The lead time is about 4 weeks, if we have to make the equipment.
How do I display my product?
  • We have many attractive options and will help you pick the correct display while we are helping to design your store.
What are the power requirements of the equipment?
  • This will become clear after a consultation at National Caramel
    Corn Day or in one of our private workshops.
How long does the product last after I make it?
  • This depends on a number of factors, weather, packaging types, etc. Gold Medal food technicians have the expertise to assist you in determining what is best for your operation.
What does a batch of caramel corn or cheese corn cost to make?
  • Wrong question — How much money and I going to make?
  • Find out at National Caramel Corn Day.
What kind of bags do I use?
  • At National Caramel Corn Day you can see the latest and greatest.