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the all american popcorn stand


The All American Popcorn Stand

The All American Popcorn Stand

The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago is one of the biggest tourist attractions in a city known for eye-popping sites. After months of contemplating the idea, Zoo management decided to take a small concrete slab located near the stingray and dolphin exhibit and turn it into a tempting treat retreat. They had no idea of the popularity they were about to see. The All American Popcorn Stand at the Brookfield Zoo is new this year.

So far, sales are averaging $5,000 per weekend the first three weekends! On opening day, lines formed in front of the two cash registers—even in the rain! The smell of fresh caramel corn drives people from halfway around the park to the front of the stand, and it stays busy most of the day. In fact, the best compliments probably come from park personnel themselves: "We've got that popcorn on our desks all day! We can't get enough of it."

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