the caramel corn story

Caramel Corn and Gourmet Popcorn
Although popcorn has been around for sometime, caramel coated popcorn is only about 150 years old. Most of the first popcorn patents issued by the US Patent Office in the mid-1800's pertained to a way to add a candy coating to already popped popcorn. Through the years, creative cooks and candy makers perfected the art of making caramel corn.

In the 30's, 40's and early 50's caramel corn shops were an absolute goldmine! Caramel corn vendors were typically located at a busy public transportation corners, near the paths of numerous streetcars and bus lines. The aroma of freshly cooked caramel popcorn coating hypnotized office workers and downtown shoppers alike. And, in the process, created millions of caramel corn lovers! As the population grew, so did suburban shopping. Mass retailers replaced downtown as a place to shop. Even downtown retailers opened multiple suburban stores as the shopping mall concept grew. By the 1950's, caramel corn became popular on the midway - primarily at county fairs throughout the midwest.

The original "canoe paddle/copper kettle" caramel corn cooking method was extremely labor intensive. The "hard work" behind the first caramel corn recipes led to the creation of the first generation Gold Medal Caramel Corn Cooker/Mixers in 1967. These "automatic cooker-mixers" could use any old family caramel corn recipe, and take away 85% of the labor required by the old method. These caramel corn cookers also made the process faster.

Today, the popularity of caramel corn is bigger than ever! People are enjoying this gourmet snack everywhere, and the profit potential is enormous! The latest Gold Medal Caramel Corn Cooker / Mixers are easier than ever to use, and are available in sizes ranging from 2 ½ lb to the 20 lb Karamel King cooker. To see all of the latest equipment and supplies, click here.