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Cheese Corn Equipment

  • Cheese Tumbler/Coater
  • Mini Tumbler
  • Cheddar Easy Mixer
  • Cheddar Easy Shop
  • Flav-R-Tater Tumbler

  • Cheddar Gold
  • Premium Cheddar Pure Gold®
  • Cheddar Classic®
  • Platinum White Cheddar®
  • Hot Flavor Additive
  • “Shake On” Savory Flavors
  • Cheese Corn Poster

  • new popcorn business startup

    equipment & products

    cheese corn

    Want the roadmap to success? Create a mouth-watering treat that practical sells itself and inspires cravings to bring customers (and their friends) back for more.

    How to make Cheese Corn

    It starts with using superior machines and products for making cheese corn, caramel corn and other gourmet flavors. Gold Medal's equipment is a cinch to use, which makes training employees easy. The products are made with the highest quality ingredients, but still have low food costs to keep your profits popping. You'll create the freshest flavors to set your gourmet popcorn shop apart and draw the crowds.

    Plus, Gold Medal has the industry's best advice backed by more than 80 years of experience to answer your questions. You'll get practical, easy to follow recommendations about how to make caramel popcorn or cheese popcorn. Tips on how to build a menu with savory popcorn, sweet flavors, and other profitable add-on items. Or, build your business plan with personalized consultations and hands-on demonstrations.

    Cheese Tumbler / Coater

    Cheese Tumbler/Coater
    Cheese Tumbler/Coater

    #2703 Cheese Tumbler/Coater
    Gently tumble and mix your cheese corn with minimal breakage. Capacity of machine holds up to 8 gallons of popcorn. The aluminum pot is lightweight, has handles for easy lifting and carrying and is simple to clean. Cheese
    corn ready in 6-10 minutes with warmed cheese. For
    larger batches order #2707 20 Gallon Mixing Bowl that
    fits on the #2703.

    Want more information? Contact us!

    Mini Tumbler

    Mini Cheese Corn Tumbler
    Mini Cheese Corn Tumbler

    #2705 Mini Tumbler
    It's perfect for bars, restaurants, and patio hot spots, holding 2.5 gallons of popcorn with the lid off, and 4.5 gallons of savory products with the lid on (to allow tumbling action). It gently tumbles the flavors on the corn, which can then be stored right in the stay-fresh container. Additional tubs are available for storage of multiple flavors. The Mini Tumbler pairs well with the new 15-lb. Cheddar Classic® pails (#2403), contact us today for availability. To make cheese corn, simply heat the cheese per the instructions, then pour on the popped corn.


    Cheddar Easy Mixer
    Cheddar Easy Mixer

    #2347 Cheddar Easy Mixer
    Simply put a 5 gallon measure of freshly popped popcorn in the bowl – turn the motor on and then add about 14 oz. of slightly warmed Cheddar Easy over the corn as the paddle rotates. In about two minutes it’s evenly coated.
    115 Watts; 230 V~, 50Hz version available.
    Shipping weight 20 lbs.


    Cheddar Easy Shop
    Cheddar Easy Shop

    #2346 Cheddar Easy Shop
    A countertop complete mixer/display case for your popcorn business. Just a 20" x 20" footprint. The #2347 Cheddar Easy Mixer mounts on top of the display. Follow standard cheese corn mixing procedure. Once the corn looks evenly coated, pull the “slide door” to empty the full batch into the display. Close the slide door and repeat the process. Display cabinet is non-electric. Shipped in 2 cartons. Order a #2347 Cheddar Easy mixer plus a #2346 Cheddar Easy Shop for the complete combo. Priced separately.

    Flav-R-Tater Tumbler

    #2349 Flav-R-Tater Tumbler
    #2349 Flav-R-Tater Tumbler

    #2349 Flav-R-Tater Tumbler
    The Popcorn Shaker Box makes savory popcorn a snap! The big 8 gallon container is just right for a 5 gallon batch. It's easy to wash and you can order multiple shaker
    boxes to store and make multiple flavors. Order item
    #2165 Popcorn Shaker Box with Lid to order
    additional sharker boxes.
    Shipping weight 22 lbs.

    Cheese Pastes & Supplies

    Cheddar Pure gold

    Cheddar Pure Gold
    Cheddar Pure Gold

    #2327 Cheddar Pure Gold
    Now you can have gourmet cheese popcorn with Zero Trans Fat! 30 lb. tubs.

    2328 Premium Cheddar Pure Gold®

    2328 Premium Cheddar Pure Gold®
    2328 Premium Cheddar Pure Gold®

    #2328 Premium Cheddar Pure Gold®
    If you like our Cheddar Pure Gold®, you'll love the new rich taste of our Premium Version. Just in time for fall events and holiday tin sales, the new Premium Cheddar Pure Gold® is a 0g Trans Fats paste and has a deep, creamier cheddar taste.

    It's available in 30-lb. tubs, easy to store, & simple to use. Order yours today and beat the rush!

    Cheddar Classic®

    Cheddar Classic
    Cheddar Classic

    #2392 Cheddar Classic®
    Extremely easy to work with. A little more expensive than Cheddar Easy. 2 cups of melted #2392 Cheddar Classic® over 5 gallons of corn and tumble for great tasting cheese corn. 30 lb. tubs.

    Platinum White Cheddar®

    #2326 Platinum White Cheddar
    #2326 Platinum White Cheddar

    #2326 Platinum White Cheddar®
    Platinum White Cheddar® has a new look, but still has the same great taste. This superb blend for gourmet white cheddar cheese corn will make anyone's mouth water. Platinum White Cheddar® is easy to use and creates amazing profits. Available in 30-lb. tubs. This product is Kosher Dairy!

    5 Alarm Blazen Hot Flavor Additive

    5 Alarm Blazen Hot Flavor Additive
    5 Alarm Blazen Hot Flavor Additive

    #2319 5 Alarm Blazen Hot Flavor Additive
    Warning: Intense heat may cause uncontrollable cravings. Add the Blazen oil to cheese, buttery toppings, and any oils. Or, spray it on for a deliciously, hot kick. Intensify the flavor of popcorn, nuts, Puff Poppers, Saratoga Swirls, corn dogs, and more. Try it if you dare. Available in individual quarts (32 oz.), or packed 12/32.oz-bottles per case.


    Savory Popcorn Flavors
    Savory Popcorn Flavors

    People like “flavored” popcorn which is why we ship our Savory Flavors all over the world. Use about 1/3 cup per five gallons of regular popped popcorn. Shake or tumble – the fresher the popcorn, the more powder that sticks.
    Savory Flavors
    Available in 4 lb. jars or 25 lb. Bag-in-a-Box bulk. Savory Shaker Bottles also available.
    #2351 Sour Cream & Chives
    #2353 Salt & Vinegar  

    (Packed in 11/2" lb. jars or add “MC” for Master Case of 12 jars.)
    #2354 Pizza (extra cost)
    #2362 Bacon & Cheese (extra cost)
    #2366 Cheddar Cheese
    #2367 Nacho Cheese
    #2378 Creamy Dill (new!)
    #2377 Salsa Verde (new!)
    #2352 Barbecue
    #2372 Hot & Spicy
    #2368 Pepper Pop (hot!)
    #2374 Hot Jalapeno  (very hot!)
    #2383 White Cheddar Cheese  (extra cost)
    #2384 Ranch
    #2360 Cajun
    #2376 Honey Mustard (new!)

    Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Poster

    Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Poster
    Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Poster

    #5223 Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Poster
    Use the eye-catching poster to decorate your gourmet popcorn shop. This mouth watering poster will leave no doubt to your customers that you sell cheese corn. Just make sure you have enough cheese corn on hand to
    feed the masses!