Gold Medal wins a gold star in customer service

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Tina & Dan Stacy & Stephanie Obermeyer

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We at Cincinnati Popcorn & More are so happy with Gold Medal Products Co. When we first started to think about opening a retail popcorn store, we found Gold Medal Products on the Internet, which had many publications like "How to Succeed in the Caramel Corn Business" and "Start Your Own Money-Making Concessions Business" on their website that helped answer many of our questions.

Then we went to Gold Medal Products headquarters in Evendale, Ohio and we were met by their sales staff and technical team that demonstrated the equipment for us. When we were ready, our sales person walked us through the ordering process and helped us decide which equipment was right for our operation. We were shown the factory where our equipment would be made and have been extremely satisfied with the quality of Gold Medal's manufacturing ability.

When our equipment was delivered to our store, our Gold Medal salesperson, a Gold Medal technician, and the flavor department manager all came to our store to calibrate our machines and oversee our first few batches of product, which helped us become accustomed to our machines and with the recipes.

The Gold Medal popcorn, popping oils, and corn treat flavors are tried and true recipes that are consistent with every batch and are drop-dead good! Our customers come back time and time again and tell us we have the best tasting caramel corn by far.

Gold Medal has been there for our company from the beginning and have continued to share new ideas, provide technical support, and keep us updated on new products.

Gold Medal Products receives a Gold Star of Excellence from Cincinnati Popcorn & More.

Gold Medal Products Co. can help you find the Gold in Caramel Corn! Contact them today to find your roadmap to goldmines at 800-543-0862 or contact us here.

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