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Hey! What do I need to make this stuff?

Ever wondered what the difference was between a Karmel Baby and a Mark 20 is (turns out it's ALOT). We put together this handly little chart to show you the different machine configurations and what each set up will produce in terms of output, what mixes they use, typical venues where they are used, etc.

Success Story
Have others succeeded with Caramel Corn? Absolutely!

Success stories come to us almost daily. Learn how a theater invented a new revenue stream to help add to their bottom line!

This is great but, where do I sell this great tasting stuff?

The right location is vital for successful over-the-counter sales. Determining the best, strategic place to sell the Caramel Corn is key. Learn some of the best places to sell Caramel Corn!

Now, down to the Tasty Stuff
Traditional Chicago Mix, Sweet & Sassy, you name it!

Not sure where to get your recipes from? We have a few here that will get you started and are sure to be crowd pleasers. Caution production of these may lead to higher profits!

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