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The Caramel Corn Story

Have you ever wondered where caramel corn came from? Although popcorn has been around for sometime, caramel coated popcorn is only about 150 years old. Find out more about the history of caramel corn at the link below.

How Can I Customize Caramel Corn?

Everyone wants to feel special and people are more willing to spend money on something that seems "made just for them." That’s why it pays to tie into the thrill of competition, school pride, holiday cheer, or a local event.

Want to Meet the President?

The world of caramel and cheese corn can take take you places you never thought it could. Find out who came knocking on one of our customer's door one afternoon!

Now, down to the Tasty Stuff
Peanut Butter & Wedding Cake?

What do you think about putting peanut butter and caramel corn together? What about wedding cake and caramel corn? Sounds like a very tasty combination. Do you caramel take corn to be your lawfully wedded partner?

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