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Caramel popcorn - a complete popcorn business or menu item

Expand your current business with Caramel Corn

What if you would just like to add Caramel Popcorn to your existing operation?  It is not difficult to get into Caramel Corn business, especially if you already have a popcorn popper.  Today there are over a thousand Gold Medal Equipped Caramel Popcorn businesses.

They have proven Caramel Corn is a popular item that can be sold at top prices. They’re selling Caramel Popcorn at a rate of $.75 to $1.00 per ounce with food costs ranging from  $.11 to $.13 per ounce.

Does Caramel Corn belong in every concession stand?  If you operate 90-100 days a year and have more than a couple thousand people on many days, then huge Caramel Popcorn profits are definitely within your reach.  Caramel Corn is a Fun Food that has a sales success based mainly on the availability of a freshly made, high quality product and your promotions.

Making Caramel Popcorn is easy with Gold Medal's Caramel Corn Cooker/Mixers. These units do all the cooking and let you know when the batch is finished—and they do all the mixing automatically.  All you do is load the kettle with the ingredients and pop the corn.  After the kettle is dumped, spread the Caramel Corn around to cool.  Gold Medal’s newest developments include rapid cooling systems for its 2½, 5, 10 and 20 lb. mixers, allowing for faster cooling times which helps increase your output.

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