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Equipment needed to make frosted nuts

  • Combo Candy King
  • High Capacity Pralinator
  • Frosted Nut Cones
  • Clear Frosted Nut Bags
  • Frosted Nut Mix
  • Portion Pak for Frosted Nut Mix
  • Frosted Nut Poster

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    Combo Kandy King

    #2182EL Combo Kandy King

    #2182EL Combo Kandy King
    (Left Hand Dump)
    This machine is perfect for start up shops who might wish to do both Caramel Corn & Frosted Nuts. This machine saves space and allows you to sell two top money-makers in one machine. It makes perfect caramel corn or frosted nuts, batch after batch. You can make almost any kind of frosted nut in this machine including frosted almonds and frosted pecans. Use the #2166 cooling pan for caramel corn, which is sold separately.

    NOTE: Because parts of the machine are very HOT, you must allow for complete cooling before switching products

    #2182ER is Right Hand Dump Version.


    #2181EL Pralinator Frosted Nut Maker
    (Left Hand Dump)
    The Pralinator makes a 4 lb. batch of Sugar ‘n Spice Frosted Nuts about every 15 minutes or so (after the first batch). Use two cups of the nuts of your choice, plus a pouch of #4501 Frosted Nuts Mix and 12 oz. of the “three-to-one” Uncle Dave’s Vanilla. The machine does the rest.

    Shown here is the #2181ER Pralinator Frosted Nut Maker on a #2424 Base Unit. The 101/2" (27 cm) square pedestal actually mounts to the counter in a concession trailer or a concession stand. It’s handiest when it’s mounted no higher than 26" to 30" (66 to 76 cm)
    off the floor.
    4000 Watts, 208/240 Volts 60 Hz or 230 Volt, 60 Hz “EX” version available. Shipping weight 127 lbs.
    #2181ER is Right Hand Dump Version.

    • 230 Volt Unit
    • 3 batches per hour
    • Unit mounts with
      101/2 " x 101/2"
      (27 x 27 cm) pedestal


    Shown here is the proper way to fill and “tuck” so that you have a rather tight
    “rim” or “crown”.

    No need to send off to Europe to buy paper cones to serve glazed almonds. These heavy white Kraft paper cones with attractive graphics are made right at Gold Medal in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
    A normal serving varies from 2 oz. to 31/2 oz. “Double size” might be
    5 oz. or more.

    Selling price per serving is $2.00, $3.00 and up. Food cost is about 17% to 22%, depending on the price of nuts and the net weight per serving.

    #4502 Frosted Nut Cones
    Master case of 2,500 (10 Junior cartons of 250). Ship Wt 34 lbs.
    #4502M Master case of 1,000 (4 tubes). Ship Wt 14 lbs.

    Clear Frosted Nut Bags

    #3081 Frosted Nut Bags


    #3081 Frosted Nut Bags - These bags are a great merchandiser for your product. Turn each bag of frosted almonds, frosted pecans, or any frosted nut into a walking advertisment with these bags. Their clear design shows off your product well and will help increase sales.

    The dimensions of each bag are 6 x 12 x 1.6 mil. thickness and the case of 1,000 comes with twist ties included.



    Frosted Nut Mix for #2181 Pralinator
    Roasted and Blanched Almonds

    #4501 Frosted Nut Mix
    Nothing to measure, nothing complicated – simply empty the contents of one, 24 oz. pouch into your Pralinator. Use 12 oz. of Vanilla solution to each pouch. Add the 2 1/2 pounds of almonds and let the Pralinator do the work. 24, 24 oz. pouches per case. Shipping weight 39 lbs.

    #4129 Blanched Almonds - 50 lbs.
    #4131 Roasted Almonds - 30 lbs.
    #4132 Pecan Halves - 30 lbs.


    Frosted Nut Mix for use with the
    #2180 Pralinator

    #4503 Portion Pak Frosted Nut Mix
    For use with the Pralinator. The measuring cup for nuts is included with the #2180. Use one pouch of #4503, plus 6 oz. of three-to-one dilution of Uncle Dave’s Imitation Vanilla and 25 minutes later you have your first perfect batch of “sugar & spice” frosted Almonds or Pecans. Packed 36 pouches per cs. Shipping weight 30 lbs.

    FROSTED NUT Poster

    #4504 - Frosted Nut Poster


    #4504 - Frosted Nut Poster

    Posters make a huge impact for a small amount of money. Help sell your frosted almonds and nuts with this colorful image which quickly grabs attention, makes your customers mouths water, and drives sales.