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Frusheez® Equipment

  • 1, 2, & 3-Bowl Slush Machines
  • 1 & 2 Small Bowl Slush Machines
  • Carrying Tote & Dolly
  • Frusheez® Slush Mixes
  • Neutral Slush Base

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    equipment & products

    Frusheez® & Slush

    Whether you are starting a new caramel corn business or adding to an existing business, Frusheez® or slush drinks are simple add-ons with high profits. Frozen drinks aren't just for warm weather. They can heat up sales any time of year for indoor and outdoor concessions.

    Gold Medal offers a wide variety of slush
    mixes and package sizes to fit any need.
    Or, create your own slush recipe using
    the neutral slush base. Serve them in a
    simple-to-use machine that's also a cinch
    to clean. It's a recipe for sweet success.


    Large Bowl Slush Machine

    #1114 - 2-Bowl Slush Machine
    "Our most popular Frusheez®" machine by far is the twin bowl! Adding the "Auto Fill" accessory will get you set up with a super high volume system. The "Auto Fill" accessory requires a Bag in a Box syrup and water connection. Simply replace the preset lid.
    • Reversible Lighted Sign on top
    • Easy disassembly for cleaning
    • Stainless Steel and High Impact Plastic Construction

    #1115 - 3-Bowl Slush Machine Each bowl holds 3.7 gallons, 11.1 gallons total. Machine produces 142 - 10 oz. cups per hour.

    #1116 - 1-Bowl Slush Machine

    Click here to download the Product Manual

    Small Bowl Slush Machines

    #1414 - Small 2 Bowl Slush Machine

    #1414 - Small 2 Bowl Slush Machine
    Now you can use less electricity compared to traditional machines and save space with a smaller footprint. These compact, lightweight machines have a bell-shaped spill protector spout and are a cinch to use. The machine produces 38, 10 oz. cups per hour and holds 3 gallons total (1.5 gallons per bowl).

    #1416 - Small 1 Bowl Slush Machine

    carrying tote and dolly

    #6055 - Double Bowl Frusheez® Carrying Tote 


    #6055 - Double Bowl Frusheez® Carrying Tote 
    U-Tote-It carriers are the easy way to transport fun food machines. They also function as stands for operation of the machines. Specifically for use with the #1114 Twin Bowl Frusheez® Machine. Rear mounted casters for easy transport.

    #6056 - Single Bowl Frusheez® Carrying Tote

    #6057 - Dolly for 6056 is perfect for transporting your machine safely.

    Frusheez® Slush Mixes

    Frusheez® Slush Mixes


    #1446 Apple Cider & #1447 Sweet Tea Frusheez® Mix


    Frusheez® Slush Mixes packed 6 ½ gallons/cs 
    To use, mix 4 parts of water with 1 part of the concentrated mix. If your using in a high production setting, use the standard Bag-In-A-Box container of Frusheez® slush mix plus the "Auto Fill" hardware. Bag-In-A-Box flavors are designated with the "BIB" in the item number. Flavors include
    #1240 Lemon
    #1240BIB Lemon
    #1241 Cherry
    #1241BIB Cherry
    #1242 Blue Raspberry
    #1242BIB Blue Raspberry
    #1243 Grape
    #1244 Fruit Punch
    #1245 Orange
    #1246 Margarita
    #1246BIB Margarita
    #1247 Strawberry Daiquiri
    #1247BIB Strawberry Daiquiri
    #1248 Pina Colada
    #1210 Southwestern Mix

    #1446 Apple Cider - NEW!
    #1447 Sweet Tea - NEW!

    Neutral Slush Base

    #1119 - Neutral Slush Base 



    #1119 - Neutral Slush Base 
    We use all cane sugar, plus our Slusherizer for smoothest slush your machine can make. No corn syrups or other substitutes are used.