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    It is easy to use, rich & creamy. We add flavors, toppings, dip it in chocolate and use it to make unique fudge treats. It has increased our sales and our customers say that it is the BEST fudge they have ever tasted! A great product at a great price...makes it even better!

    Andrea Spresser, Owner
    All About U, LLC

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    equipment & products

    Oh Fudge!

    Most foodie historians agree we can thank a happy accident for the origin of fudge back in the late 1880s. The sugar in a batch of caramels supposedly re-crystallized, creating an "Oh, Fudge" moment.

    Now, it's easier than ever to delight taste buds with fudge mixes and fudge supplies that are cinch to make. Gold Medal's commercial fudge equipment is versatile for any size business, fundraising group, or organization. Plus, you can count on the gold standard quality you've come to expect from Gold Medal, and high profits you can really sink your teeth into.


    Make your own fudge with our fudge mixes

    Mom’s Home Style Fudge is easier than ever before. Use 8 cups of Mom’s Home Style Fudge Mix, plus a stick of butter and 4 oz. of water. Cook to 160º – that’s when the mixture starts to “glisten” or look shiny. Pour it into your cooling pan and repeat the process. You can be in the fresh-made fudge business with a minimal investment. You’ll make a great tasting Chocolate Fudge or Vanilla Fudge with our Oh Fudge! Mix. You can even make your own flavors by using our #2515 Basic fudge Mix.

    #2505 Chocolate Fudge Mix - 25 lb. bulk B.i.B
    #2506 Vanilla Fudge Mix - 25 lb. bulk B.i.B
    #2515 Basic Fudge Mix - 25 lb. bulk B.i.B

    FUDGE Cookers

    4211 & 4211C Warmers for fudge

    #4211 Warmer
    This Deluxe Water Bath Warmer helps to avoid burning any of the fudge during the cooking process. This type of cooker is commonly referred to as a "double-boiler" cooker.

    #4211C Warmer
    This unit heats the product faster than the time of the original warmer. Use this unit for faster production of fudge. This warmer may also be used for heating nacho cheese, soup, caramel, and chocolate apple dip!

    4008 Fudge Mixer & Cooker


    #4008 Cooker/Mixer
    This unit can be used for cooking and making fudge but you need to be careful using this cooker/mixer because it uses a direct heat approach and can cook your fudge too fast if you do not watch it carefully.

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