The Gold Mines for Gourmet Popcorn


Parks & Theme Parks are gold mines Caramel CornParks & Theme Parks
Whether yours is a large amusement park or a major theme park, your concession stand will be more productive in total, when you have caramel corn available. If you have 40,000 customers a day, caramel corn should be available in four places. If you only do 20,000 a day, then make sure you have caramel corn in two places.

But if you have 1,000 to 15,000 guests per day, you should be doing freshly made caramel corn in at least one location. (And, possibly offer packaged caramel corn in the exit traffic pattern.)

The corn treat concept makes it easy to produce perfect caramel corn all the time. The same is true with fresh-made cheese popcorn. And, don't forget three-way-combination of all three.

When people come to a theatre, many are prepared to spend $3.00, $5.00 and upward for candy and popcorn. A $2.00 size of fresh-made caramel corn has a food cost of about 25! When it's freshly made, you will sell all you can produce. You may need to actually supplement with production and inventory you build up during off hours.

The nicest part of fresh made caramel corn in a cinema concession operation is the fact that somebody else has already established a rather substantial selling price of around 50 to 55 per oz. but you produce for under 10 per oz.

More importantly, people like the perception of freshness. The knowledge there is a kernel of whole grain cereal (popcorn) inside that sweet coating, tends to legitimatize this sweet treat. Th at can't be beat!

Theatres are a Great Place to Sell Caramel CornConcession Trailers, Midways, Major Fairs and Multi-Use Fairground Facilities
The best of these is the high class, well-flashed large concession trailer on the midways. A corn treat cooker mixer is an absolute must. Not only do you maximize the sales of caramel corn (three to five times the total units sold compared with offering it pre-made), but the aroma of freshly made caramel corn attracts enough attention to help you increase sales of virtually every menu item by approximately 10% to 20%. This is the benefit so many people overlook.

When you are planning your route of busy fair dates, be sure you are operating your corn treat machine virtually all of the hours you are open for business. The first year you play some spots they won't automatically become mega buck caramel corn spots, but you will be hard pressed to keep up with the demand in the second & third years.

Possibly, the Mark 10, 40 lb. per hour caramelizer is the best for you. Should you do cheese corn, too? Well, if you wish to do three flavors, you will need to do the Cheddar Easy concept, as well.

Tourist Attractions
There are many tourist attraction areas frequented by rather upscale tourists and shoppers. Freshly made caramel corn is almost a necessity in these types of fun spots. It's is part of the fun of visiting a major tourist attraction area. You can't buy gourmet quality freshly made caramel corn very many places however, with the corn treat concept, casual labor or even temps can make perfect caramel corn batch after batch after batch! There's nothing to it.

One of the more important aspects of tourist attractions is the theme gift tin opportunity. Your tourist attraction area has its own graphics, logos and designs. Therefore, incorporate these into a $10.00 and $25.00 gift tin. Produce three-way gift cans for take home or gift -giving. The booklet (How to Succeed in the Caramel Corn Business) offers many ideas on how to do a better job of marketing gift tins.

Shopping Malls, Upscale Shopping, and Outlet Area Malls
While freshly made caramel corn attracts people to open their wallet, it's amazing the size of a sale you can produce when you are in operating your corn treat machine in a shopping mall, snack bar in a factory outlet mall with excellent stores, or on an upscale shopping street.

Secure shopping mall locations, if it is possible, and you want the aroma of freshly popping popcorn and freshly cooking Caramel Coating to be exhausted to the shoppers. When they sniff the gourmet flavors, there's no way to pass by without making a purchase not only a Popcorn or Caramel Corn or three-way but of other beverages, sandwiches and companion snacks. Even more important, is the opportunity to develop seasonal or special message gift tins, starting at the $10.00 size and going right on up to $25.00.

This is a great way to solicit a popcorn gift for every person on your gift -list! Or, a get well message with a popcorn tin appropriately inscribed!

The section in the booklet (How to Succeed in the Caramel Corn Business) on marketing gift tins will give you a lot more ideas. Remember, if the rent is a little higher, the shoppers normally have a little more money. They spend a lot more and you need to do a better job of marketing, so you make sure that you can pay the rent and hang on to that profit-making location!

Finding other locations to sell can be hard, but rewarding & profitable!Other Gourmet Popcorn Shop Locations
Really, there is not limit to your ability to sell multi-flavor popcorn, three-way popcorn or caramel corn and regular popcorn if you have traffic! In some cities, a caramel corn shop will be more successful with less effort than it takes in certain other cities.

Usually, you can't be successful 52 weeks a year on popcorn alone unless yours is a very unique location. Some locations require deluxe quality ice cream, or candies, but certainly beverages. Sometimes it takes hot dogs, nachos or concession salsa. You'll see all of these and much, much more in the Gold Medal catalog.

You'll also see a lot of ideas on popcorn, caramel corn, cheese corn and other fun foods at the Annual Factory (and oft en Autumn) Sales Event sponsored by Gold Medal Branches and Dealers in selected cities. Be sure to check for the dates and location of a Factory Sale near you.