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With all this information on caramel corn your probably wanting to know how to make caramel corn. We thought we would show you just how easy it is to make this sweet profit producing treat. Remember, the best way to learn is to come in for an in person demonstration, but if you can't make it to one of our branch or dealer locations we wanted to give you some step by step instructions on how to make caramel corn and caramel popcorn.

Cooking Instructions for your Mark 5 - 5 Gallon Cooker Mixer; Model 2175 & 2174

First we need to set the cooking temperature (factory preset at 275°F). Starting with a clean machine, fill the kettle assembly with one gallon of popping/cooking oil. Place a long stem thermometer (temperature range to exceed 350°F) in the casted holder (hole) on bottom paddle. Turn the "heat/motor" switch on and wait for the buzzer to sound. When the buzzer sounds, check/read the thermometer (if temperature adjustment is required refer to operation manual). If the unit does not require adjustment then turn the "heat/motor" switch off. Allow oil to cool and place in a clean container. Oil can be used for popping popcorn. We recommend that you check the cooking temperature once a week.

What do you need to make your first batch? Learn how to make Caramel Corn

1. Place the following ingredients into cooker mixer

2. Place the lid on top of the drum. Turn on the "heat/motor" switch to allow the mix to cook.

Learn how to make Caramel Corn

3. Approximately 7 minutes into the cooking cycle when steam is visible remove the lid. !CAUTION HOT! TILT LID AWAY FROM YOU AND OTHER PEOPLE WHEN STEAM IS VISIBLE. !CAUTION HOT! Place lid aside in a clean area. Turn the "heat/motor" switch off scrap any remaining ingredients from the front side bottom paddle with the wooden spoon. Carefully place wooden spoon in proper place. Turn on the "heat/motor" switch. Continue to cook until buzzer sounds.

4. When the Buzzer sounds (You can now add the optional 1 sticks of butter, then allow to cook until buzzer sounds again). When the buzzer sounds again turn off the "heat/motor" switch and turn on the "motor only" switch. Place drum level arm into the brackets first notch Learn how to make Caramel Corn(lowest of the two notches) and add 5 Gallons (19 ounces) popped popcorn and mix for 1 minute.

5. After a minute has passed, place drum level arm into the brackets second notch (highest of the two notches). Spray 15 to 20 squirts of Free N' Easy GM #2250 onto mixing popcorn and continue to mix for 1 minute.

6. After this minute, turn "motor only" switch off. Dump contents of cooker into cooling tray (#2622KK Karamel King Truck). Remove remaining popcorn from cooker using the wooden paddle. If popcorn is under bottom paddle, remove wooden paddle and turn on "motor only" switch for 10 seconds. Turn off "Learn how to make Caramel Cornmotor only" switch and remove popcorn. NEVER REACH IN COOKER WHEN PADDLES ARE MOVING.

7. Return drum to the fully upright cooking position. Start another batch or clean the cooker. Clean the cooker between different flavors or colors. Separate popcorn while it cools by placing scoops upside down on the surface of the cooling tray. Maintain scoop contact to the cooling pan and move scoops in figure eight motions to separate popcorn for two minutes. After two minutes, turn the cooling tray fan on continue to mix popcorn using the figure eight motion with the scoops upside down maintaining surface contact with the cooling pan for 3 minutes or until the product is cool.

Learn how to make Caramel Corn

8. When product is cool (5-7 minutes) package the product in desired container and amount. (refer to container specification for temperature allowance) and turn cooling tray fan off.

If your interested in Caramel Corn and have any other questions, feel free to find out more about caramel corn or schedule an in person demonstration.

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