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Michele's Sweet Shoppe

New Hampshire is known for many things. Thanks to Michele's Sweet Shoppe, one of those has now become great-tasting gourmet popcorn! Nestled in beautiful Loudon, NH, Michele's Sweet Shoppe is a family run business with her husband and three children all taking part in some way or another. It started five years ago with Michele bringing snack to the local Girl Scout troop. These were a huge hit, and based on the rave reviews she was getting, Michele decided to start her own business. Running her business out of her home quickly proved to be too much, as the comments about her great-tasting popcorn began attracting more and more customers. At that point, Michele decided it was time to open her own store, with her son Jesse using his culinary background to handle the 25+ different season flavors.

Check out some of their savory flavors!

Although Michele uses a variety of products, much of the foundation that makes her shop so great comes from Gold Medal equipment—especially the 2 Coronado poppers and the Carmalizer. Gold Medal's outstanding product line and wide variety of supplies continually lead Michele and her family to think about new and exciting products to add to their store. On a recent visit to Gold Medal's corporate offices, the friendly, knowledgeable nature of the staff—both management and manufacturing—along with the clean, efficient production methods convinced them even more that Gold Medal was a company they feel comfortable partnering with.

That kind of praise carries great weight...especially from a company that prides itself in providing swag gifts for the Emmy Awards and Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. With that kind of prestige, we're honored to have such a star as Michele's Sweet Shoppe as a dedicated Gold Medal customer!

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Gold Medal Products Co. can help you find the Gold in Caramel Corn! Contact them today to find your roadmap to goldmines at 800-543-0862 or contact us here. Screengrabs from "The Chef's Plate - A Taste of New Hampshire" video segment.

Check out their great store location! Everywhere you look there is popcorn!

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