Caramel Corn Success Story

Dominique Martucci - Naper Nuts & Sweets

Sometimes, the sweetest things in life come at the most opportunistic times.

Owner Dominique Martucci was going through a self-described "rough patch" in her life. She was looking for a new start and found it, in the form of a candy store run by an elderly lady who was retiring. With no experience, Dominique took a chance. She bought the store, and on May 15, 2001, she and her twin boys turned the keys for the first time. Naper Nuts & Sweets was born. And it didn’t take long to discover that there was much more in store.

The first order of business was to update the store. Dominique called Gold Medal Products for equipment and supply help, along with caramel corn training. Through a close partnership with a local Gold Medal branch, she installed caramel corn machines, first in the front window, then vented to the outside so customers could see AND smell the product. The training, sales techniques, guidance from Gold Medal and her own secret recipe quickly turned into a winning combination.

Over ten years later, the family here at the local shop has grown to over 30 employees. Trained to make your day a little sweeter, Naper Nuts & Sweets is committed to offering a wide selection of the customer’s favorite things. Every year, the sales figures have continued to grow…thanks in large part to caramel corn! So much so that Dominique and her team decided to give back…

In an effort to help with the experience for U.S. Troops that are serving in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq, Naper Nuts & Sweets Shop ships red, white & blue bags of caramel corn on a regular basis for the men and women of the U.S. military overseas. Called "Operation Caramel Corn," the goal is to show appreciation and love for the men and women who are sacrificing each day so that we can have the freedom to live in this great country.

Dominique is living proof that you CAN achieve your dreams with a little hard work, vision, and the help of Gold Medal Products!

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