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steps to starting your own caramel corn shop

caramel corn business A good way to get started in the caramel corn business is to study the current Caramel Corn market. Get the names of gourmet popcorn shops (local or out of town) who have a Caramel Corn brochure they mail to inquirers / purchasers of gift pack cans of flavored popcorn. The internet is a great way to research this. Send each company a request for their latest brochure and price list. Use these as idea generators for developing your own brochures and promotional materials. Remember to keep everything simple, and easy to understand.

There are three main ways to sell Caramel Corn:

  1. Over-the-counter sales — popcorn in bags, boxes, cans, glassware, etc.
  2. Gift Pack Sales shipped by United Parcel Service — cans — big bags — etc.
  3. "Wholesale" Sales of Cans, or "case goods" of "Super Saver" packaged goods. Tub of Great Tasting Caramel Corn!
Decide which of these options will work best for the type of Caramel Corn business you want to have. If your location doesn't get high traffic, consider selling through outlets that do. Find out where some of the Gold Mines for Gourmet Popcorn Shops are by reading our article.

An excellent way to develop your own custom plan is to arrange a visit to Gold Medal Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, or one of our nine branch showrooms. Click here for locations. Our experts will work with you in a "Caramel Corn Shop Planning Session," that will include hands-on equipment demonstrations. Contact us to arrange the time that works for you.

To find out more on how to open your caramel corn business and the steps to success, please fill out or Caramel Corn Contact Us form for more in depth information!

How can I market my new Caramel Corn Business

popcornMarketing is an important factor to consider in your business start up plan. As mentioned before, brochures and promotional materials from other successful retailers can work well as idea starters. Consider enlisting a small ad agency or freelance designer to help you develop your promotional material. This is an investment, but one that can net great returns. A good agency may also be able to help you get a lot of free publicity. Select someone who is as enthusiastic as you are. As far as how much to spend on sales promotion and advertising, this varies, depending upon your initial sales volume. Eventually, it may be 5% to 20% of sales. Another way for you to market your gourmet popcorn shop is to use social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. To learn more about how to use social media to promote your gourmet popcorn shop, see our article for more details.

portion pack caramel corn mixes Many people wonder if it is necessary to have a caramel popcorn recipe to get started. Gold Medal's totally dependable, easy to use Portion Pack mixes and Flavor mixes are really all you need. The end product is uniformly high quality and the consistency is perfect. Since it is so easy to use, all of your personnel can make it. You may want to customize your product with add-ins such as nuts, toffee, raisins, coconut or dried fruit. You can also mix caramel corn with cheese corn, or drizzle it with chocolate to create your own signature blend.

These are just a few considerations for getting into the Caramel Corn business. Gold Medal is happy to provide customized guidance on an individual basis. Please contact us today, to learn more from our experienced sales team.

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