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Poppington's Popcorn


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Poppington’s Popcorn in Greenville, SC had a plan—to be the premier gourmet popcorn shop in the attractive tourist destination of Greenville, SC. To date, that plan is working out exactly as expected! Owners Rose and Bob Augustyn came up with the idea while eating popcorn from Colonel Fabian’s as a gift. They liked it so much that they decided to travel to the St. Charles, IL maker to find out more about its business. Soon, Rose realized that she could probably do this herself. Through diligent research for products and supplies, Rose and Bob quickly filled their “test” kitchen in their home with Gold Medal products and set about making the gourmet popcorn that they’ve become famous for.

Outgrowing their home kitchen, the Augustyns researched the most suitable locations that would give their new business the most chance of success. Greenville, SC fit the bill. An attractive tourist destination for potential customers young and old, Rose and Bob left their Illinois home for the warmer pastures of South Carolina. Rose put her business school background to good use, developing a detailed business and marketing plan that has provided them with a concrete path to success. Poppington's Popcorn has many different sizes of tubs and bags to choose from!That plan is still followed religiously
to this day—and the payoff from it is growing by leaps and bounds! Poppington’s gourmet popcorn is a regional hit, bringing back fond memories for older customers, and creating new ones for the younger generation. Their hope is to expand into other southern cities and tourist destinations...and from the look of business, that plan will become a reality in no time!

Rose’s advice to anyone thinking of entering the gourmet popcorn business? “Have a good, solid business plan that leaves room to adapt to minor changes in your location, and stick to it.” One visit to Poppington’s Popcorn and you’ll realize just what good advice that is. Not to mention some outstanding popcorn! To find out more about Poppington's Popcorn visit there website at

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