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Equipment needed for startup

  • Shave Ice Set Up
  • 1800 Sno Pro
  • 1888 Sno King
  • 1025 Insulated Sno-Kone® Chest
  • Sno-Konette Ice Shaver
  • Shave Ice and Sno-Kone® Flavor Concentrate
  • Shave Ice Containers
  • Shave Ice Flavor Bottles
  • Sno-Kone® Syrups

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    equipment & products

    shaved ice and sno-kones®


    #1023 MaximIcer on
    #1027HD Heavy Duty

    Hawaii’s Finest Shave Ice Machine
    Most shave ice profits are made from the high volume locations - the result of continuous production of the extra fine “snow”. A load of cubed or cracked ice up to 20 to 25 lbs. or more in the heavy plastic tube, plus the hopper in the machine requires some serious torque for continuous shaving.

    No problem with the 3/4 HP Brute Force Motor found in both the #1027HD and the #1047.
    You must use the foot switch and have cups ready. One person shaving and making up “blanks” and two more people adding flavor and making change could produce over 500 sales per hour. The heavy duty #1027HD with #1023 maximizer (sold separately) could produce up to a $1000 per hour in sales. But if you only need $100 dollars in sales, it’s still a wise move to go for the high production, heavy duty.

    Hawaii’s Finest.
    #1027HD Heavy Duty Hawaii’s Finest Shave Ice Machine
    with 3/4 hp motor.
    115 volt, 60 hz - base same as #1027.
    Ship weight 71 lbs.
    MaximIcer sold separately order #1023
    #1008 Foot Switch


    #1003S Sno-Konette Ice Shaver
    The Sno-Konette was the world’s first complete ice shaver with display case. It began it’s life back in 1947 and has been improved dozens of times!
    The Sno-Konette/Shav-A-Doo family of Ice Shavers has a model that’s right for you.
    The Sno-Konette features a 1/3 HP, 1725 RPM high-speed shaver mounted on an extruded aluminum cabinet with tempered glass windows. The stainless steel “motor box” effectively hides the motor. The switches are mounted in the box.
    To operate, simply lift the pusher handle, fill with chunks of ice, turn on the motor and pull the handle.

    You can vary the fineness of the finished snow by using colder ice, putting less pressure, or setting the blades to shave more finely.
    The Sno-Konette is still the world’s leading Ice Shaver - with the profit in Sno-Kones®, a Sno-Konette could very well pay for itself in one busy afternoon. Shaves up to 500 lbs. per hour. Accessories included are the cup dispenser, Sno-Kone® Dipper, Ice Scoop and Drain Pan.
    UL listed. 22" W x 16" D x 19" H (56 x 41 x 48 cm), 6.8 Amps, 120 Volts.
    Ship weight 84 lbs. Cannot ship UPS.
    #1009 Battery Sno-Konette

    #1800 Sno pro

    #1800 Sno Pro

    New technology using band shavers rather than rotating cutter blades.

    Featuring safest ice shaver (automatic), lightweight cabinet with high volume production.


    #1888 Sno-King Sno-Kone® Machine

    #1888 Sno King Sno-KoneĀ® Machine

    #1888 Sno-King Sno-Kone® Machine

    The Sno-King is virtually indestructible under use in the most adverse circumstances or environment. Great for rentals or if you have to move from place to place.

    For safety you must have one hand on the motor switch and the other pulls the pusher handle down to engage the spinning shaver head. Easy to clean.


    #1025 - Insulated Sno-Kone® Chest

    #1025 - Insulated Sno-Kone® Chest

    #1025 - Insulated Sno-Kone® Chest
    holds up to 90 lbs. of ice! Made with heavy duty, 6-inch casters. The spacer will support most Sno-Kone® and shave ice machines.

    Includes one side shelf and drain valve. Machine and ice chest sold separately. This picture shows our #1888 Sno-King on top of the chest.



    Gold Medal Flavor Concentrates have been famous for over 65 years! Frequent taste test panels ensure that you have great taste, fruit like aroma and the proper color to help produce a syrup topping. The Citric Acid is already in these concentrates - use 1/2 cup (4 oz.) of Flavor Concentrate plus sugar to make one gallon of Shave Ice or Sno-Kone® topping syrups.



    Shown here are three basic Shave Ice Cups. The Styrofoam #1407 is the most popular by far. If Styrofoam is illegal in your state, use a clear plastic Cocktail Glass. The #1064 is a really specialized container that sells extremely well when you “layer” the flavors.
    #1064 World’s Fair Snow Sundae Cup Case of 300
    #1407 Hawaii’s Finest® Printed Styrofoam Container Cup Case of 500
    #1408 16 oz. Hawaii’s Finest® Printed Styrofoam Container Cup Case of 500



    Plastic Pour Outs and Sanitary Hoods
    Shave Ice Flavor Bottles are an absolute necessity.
    Clear plastic long neck bottles show off the brightly colored syrups. Use the plastic pour out spout to control the amount of syrup on each Shave Ice serving. The “dust cover” hood is required by most Health Officials.
    #1059 Shave Ice Flavor Bottles One dozen
    #1069 Plastic Pour Out Spouts One dozen
    #1074 Plastic Dust Cover Hoods One dozen


    Sno-Kone® Syrups, in gallons and quarts. Great tasting flavors – the best in the business!

    If you do not have the time to “make your own,” your best bet is Gold Medal Syrup. We make them exactly as recommended on the concentrate bottles. Each gallon contains sugar, flavor and citric acid. No corn syrups or stretchers ever used. No artificial sweeteners or gums. Case of 4 gallons. Ship weight 47 lbs.

    Sno-Kone Ready to Use Syrups
    Case of four, one-gallon jugs

                #1050 Strawberry
                #1051 Cherry
                #1052 Grape
                #1053 Orange
                #1054 Lime
                #1055 Blue Raspberry
                #1057 Bubble Gum
                #1058 Root Beer

                #1051QT Cherry
                #1052QT Grape
                #1053QT Orange
                #1054QT Lime
                #1055QT Blue Raspberry