A Timeless Classic Still Attracts the Masses

wells street popcorn


Wells Street Popcorn

Wells Street Popcorn

There's something about the sweet, buttery crunch of caramel corn that brings the memories back. It's the classic treat you've enjoyed since you were a child and shared with your family. And that's what makes caramel corn (and other gourmet corn flavors) so profitable. It's a comfort food, an any-time treat, and worth the splurge.

And as Wells Street Popcorn knows, it's about using the best ingredients and building off a truly delicious recipe. The shop was built on the dream of a family whose great grand-father had a popcorn cart on Wells Street in the 1930s and 1940s.

Jonathan N. Kaufman has been the manager since the opening in 2008, and purchased Wells Street Popcorn in January 2011. He noted business is growing and they experienced exponential growth in Decemeber 2011. They have two locations and focus on Chicago's classic popcorn flavors: Caramel, Cheddar, Chicago Mix (Cheddar and Caramel), Buttered popcorn, and All Natural Kettle Corn. Jonathan said that the recipes passed down by generations from the 1930s remain unchanged. They've developed the stores by using high-quality ingredients and making their items homemade from scratch with Gold Medal's simple-to-use machines.

"It's really about a tradition going back to the days of Cracker Jack and the World's Fair at the turn of the century. It's a fun snack to have and fairly easy to make. It brings people back and it's a tasty treat for the younger generations," Kaufman said.

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Wells Street Popcorn Wells Street Popcorn
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